Is that sew...

This is a blog that I put together to record all the creative projects that I attempt. I started sewing in order to make stuffed toys my daughter wanted, that weren't sold in stores. I found that sewing was relaxing and I kept going from there. I started sewing in July 2011.


Plush love bug

Valentine’s Day gift for my daughter. I got the idea from Abby Glassenberg’s tutorial. Unfortunately, I was away from my printer to buy and print her pattern, and I also wanted to shape mine a little differently, so I came up with this guy. I didn’t even make my own pattern, so he is a little uneven, but overall I think it came out fine. My daughter loves him, which is all that matters.

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Plush sleeping bags

My daughter loves to find things to use as blankets or bags to tuck her plush animals in. Wash cloths, socks, etc. I figured I would make something even better: plush sleeping bags!


Plush Earth and Moon

My daughter’s Christmas present request was a plush Earth and Moon. I couldn’t find any online that were worth purchasing, so I decided to make them. I made a point of trying to be as accurate as possible with the continents.


Tiny Kitten

I saw  this pattern from Abby Glassenberg a few weeks ago and it was just too cute to pass up. I haven’t sewn in months but had to pull the sewing machine out to hem a pair of pants. Since I went through that effort, I couldn’t resist creating this quick little plush kitty. I used a super-soft minky cuddle fleece for the body and a cotton fabric pattern for the ears. I pointed the ears a bit and added a tail.

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Purple Little Bird’s Girlfriend

The second plush I ever sewed was Purple Little Bird. I was never truly happy with it. I wanted it to be 3D, but couldn’t figure it out. Over the past 2 years I learned a lot so when my daughter asked me to make a girlfriend for PLB, I couldn’t wait to try again. I am so happy with the final result. I really wanted this bird to stand so I used wire for the base of the legs. I then wrapped them in torn fabric until they were soft enough for cuddling.

I credit Abby Glassenberg for her informative blog, book and advice, which have taught me some interesting techniques.


Plush Bunny w/Carrot

I wanted to create something small and cute, about 4″ high. After I finished, my daughter and I decided he needed a carrot. I didn’t want the carrot to get lost or attached with itchy velcro, so i created a little holder on its back. He also has a fluffy tail.