Is that sew...

Here is a random collection of art work that I've done over the years. I do not consider myself a fine artist. I went to school for Graphic Design so I never had the chance to refine my art skills. But I am an artist of sorts and crave drawing and painting at times. I have more to add, but need to dig it up.



This painting came after the dahlia painting. To most, it may not be considered as good as the dahlia, but it was so much more fun to do. This is the style that I like to do when I paint.



This is probably the best of all my paintings. It has also taken the longest to complete. Only having about 4 hours a week to work on it, it took a few months. I personally like a messier style of painting (see the sunflower) and ones that can be completed in a weekend, but I wanted to try something a little different.


Just a room

Back when I had time to sketch…


A bar mirror

Back when I had time to sketch…