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Plush Ram

This is a plush ram that I created based on Abby Glassenberg’s pattern from her new book, Stuffed Animals. I modified the fabric choice slightly. This was my first four-legged, free-standing plush animal and definitely a challenge. The slippery minky fleece, combined with the thin cotton fabric didn’t make my job any easier


Owl Applique

I finally had the time to create another summer applique shirt. I just love owls! They are super cute. I originally had wings to sew on, but they took away from the design, so I left them out.


Valentine’s Applique

I realized that my daughter didn’t have a themed shirt to wear for Valentine’s day. Therefore I had to make one. She helped choose the fabric. Easy applique!



This is a plush version of my daughter’s drawing, whom she named Grape-ititis. I always thought her faces would make great monsters. This was a fun applique project. This is the drawing:


White Wren

My second attempt at Abby Glassenberg’s bird from her book, Artful Birds. This time, everything came out just about right.


Orange & Purple Wren

My first attempt at Abby Glassenberg’s bird from her book, Artful Birds. I ran into some bumps along the way, but in the end, not so bad. I wasn’t going to finish it, but my daughter wanted to have it. She picked out the wing fabric and I quickly finished it for her.