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Plush sleeping bags

My daughter loves to find things to use as blankets or bags to tuck her plush animals in. Wash cloths, socks, etc. I figured I would make something even better: plush sleeping bags!


Plush Peacock

I hadn’t sewn in awhile and needed to. This was the result. Inspired by Amy Adam’s pattern that I found in this book: Little Birds. I tweaked it a bit to suit my plushy needs.


Plush Orange

This cute little guy is a result of my first attempt at the pumpkin (right below). I didn’t have enough segments to make him circular enough. Since his body was already sewed, I stuffed him and experimented with adding furry hair. My daughter actually likes him more than the pumpkin.


Plush Pumpkin

I wanted to make a pumpkin that was better than last year’s. I didn’t have orange fabric, so I dyed some. Through this first-time dying experience, I learned that not all fabric is dyeable. This rigid, cotton was the only fabric that worked. Even so, I loved the way it came out.